Happy New Year!



This year being in our new location was so much fun – even though we’re ‘tea-shop partners’, we usually don’t see much of one another, so it was super to work, and to visit with and serve all our fantastic customers together! All of you were kind and generous, with lots of encouragement, smiles and […]

What We Do

Chari-Teas was opened in September 2010 to provide assistance to children in need. Our focus is in the city of Armenia, Colombia, where we have been helping families who are struggling with AIDS.

Since February, 2010 we have been buying groceries for Grandma and her four grandchildren (three of whom are […]

Willow Blend and Arthritis or Muscle Pain

We’ve got good news!!!!!!!

Are you hurting from arthritis or muscle pain? (Who isn’t?) Let me tell you a little story.

Some of you may not know that Yolanda practised as a dentist in Colombia for 25 years -before she moved to Canada. In Colombia, just like in Canada, medical/dental professionals are educated in the […]

Cast Iron Tea Pots

How to Care For Cast Iron Teapots

Cash iron teapots were created in ancient China. They were then adopted and further developed by the Japanese into practical, as well as decorative, handicraft items. They symbolize the everlasting strength and unity of the world.

Through special chemical treatments, impurities are removed from the cast iron during […]

These Herbs Are Not for Pregnant Women

None of these herbs should be ingested by pregnant or nursing women.

Black Cohosh Bladder wrack Blessed Thistle Blood Root Blue Cohash Borage Buckthorn – Consult physician before using. Cascara – Consult your physician if pregnant or nursing Catnip Coltsfoot Comfrey Dong Quai Elecampane (pregnant or nursing) Goldenseal Henna – Consult your physician if pregnant […]

Watch for Our New Line of Bone China

In June our new line of bone china, “Canadian Masters” became available!

The mugs feature the work of great Canadian and international Artists. Featured here are four mugs showing paintings by famous Canadian painter Tom Thomson.

Tom was a prolific painter and became famous for his paintings around Algonquin Park in Ontario. His brilliant career […]

Rooibos Tea and its Qualiteas!!

Hellllloooooo everyone!

Wow! What a super-duper summer we’ve been having – so good it‘s making up for the last two years!

I hope you’re sampling our tea when you pass by the store – if the weather’s hot we usually have something iced for you to try. We’ve been doing lots of rooibos combined with […]

Welcome to Chari-Teas!

We are so excited about our new website! We will be writing about tea, black, white, herbal and their benefits. We will tell you about some of our latest products and whimsical tea pots and cups.

This is going to be fun, and we invite you to join us by signing up for this blog […]