These Herbs Are Not for Pregnant Women

None of these herbs should be ingested by pregnant or nursing women.

Black Cohosh Bladder wrack Blessed Thistle Blood Root Blue Cohash Borage Buckthorn – Consult physician before using. Cascara – Consult your physician if pregnant or nursing Catnip Coltsfoot Comfrey Dong Quai Elecampane (pregnant or nursing) Goldenseal Henna – Consult your physician if pregnant […]

Rooibos Tea and its Qualiteas!!

Hellllloooooo everyone!

Wow! What a super-duper summer we’ve been having – so good it‘s making up for the last two years!

I hope you’re sampling our tea when you pass by the store – if the weather’s hot we usually have something iced for you to try. We’ve been doing lots of rooibos combined with […]