This year being in our new location was so much fun – even though we’re ‘tea-shop partners’, we usually don’t see much of one another, so it was super to work, and to visit with and serve all our fantastic customers together! All of you were kind and generous, with lots of encouragement, smiles and patience – we had loads of fun, we are VERY GRATEFUL and we appreciate all of you.

In September we achieved ‘five years in business’ and we’re VERY happy to tell you what’s been accomplished – together with YOU – over the last five years. As you know, our reason for opening the shop was to support children’s charities and, to that end, we’ve been very successful.

IMG_2389In fact, we’ve sent $13,939.67 – mostly to Colombia (a few hundred dollars has gone to China) and $3,243.00 has gone to local charities, schools and causes. In addition, many local public schools have used our program to raise funds for their needs. ALL OF THIS IS BECAUSE OF ALL OF YOU.

As many of you know, Yolanda has a Foundation in Colombia that supports AIDs families. A huge thank you goes to Yolanda’s associate Diego, who administers all the work there – out of the goodness of his heart – which enables ALL funds to go directly to those who need help, with the exception of the small cost to actually send the money there. (We have all the receipts if you’d like to see them).

We continue to purchase groceries for Grandma and her four grandchildren, nine widows have been set up with a business – without the help, most would have been forced into prostitution to support their families, we’ve purchased a wheelchair for a 16 year old, bunk beds for a family whose children were getting too old to sleep together and we had the floor fixed in one home.


Every Christmas we’ve provided a fun day for all the families in the Foundation. On that day, everyone has three meals (that only happens on this one day a year), the children receive gifts of clothes and school supplies and the families receive groceries. In our last message we let you know about the washing machine we’re saving for – we haven’t yet reached our goal yet but we will.

Our hours of operation are back to 9:30 to 5:00 – six days a week. Remember our tea doesn’t contain any artificial flavoring and all of it is delicious iced – it won’t be long before that sounds good. We hope to see you soon.


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