What We Do

Chari-Teas was opened in September 2010 to provide assistance to children in need. Our focus is in the city of Armenia, Colombia, where we have been helping families who are struggling with AIDS.

Since February, 2010 we have been buying groceries for Grandma and her four grandchildren (three of whom are HIV positive), because when Dad passed away they were left without an income. (There is no assistance from the government).  We’ve also set five women up in business, purchased a wheelchair for a 16 year old boy,  bunk beds for a woman whose children had only one bed to share (they were getting too old to be doing that), supplied the necessary extras to an eleven year old girl with terminal liver cancer (sadly she has since passed away), school supplies and clothes for many children and extra groceries and financial help to as many families as we can.

Recently Yolanda went to Colombia to visit and she was reaquainted with her friend Eucaris (a sweet, very tiny 72 year old lady).  Eucaris began taking seniors off the street many years ago (there is no assistance from the government) and she currently looks after 85 seniors! About ten years ago, the government built a building for Eucaris and her ‘family’ – for which everyone is grateful – but……… volunteers are doing all that laundry by hand!  So, we are currently working toward the goal of providing a washing machine.  We have $1,810. in the bank and we were quite pleased because that would have paid for a commercial machine.  However, we’ve been informed that a commercial machine would only last for a few months and that the job requires an industrial machine so………that means we need an additional $4,000!


We are EXTREMELY GRATEFUL – none of this could be done without our fantastic and generous customers!!! There’s a great big teapot on the table to collect change from anyone who wants to help. When you come in, we have pictures and receipts for you to see.

A GREAT BIG THANKS to you all!


Changing Lives In A Positive Way

Ethical treatment for the workers – as a company, we deal with suppliers who conduct numerous visits to the tea estates to ensure they are working in an environmentally and socially sound manner by promoting fair and ethical treatment of all who participate in bringing tea from the plant to your cup.

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