Willow Blend and Arthritis or Muscle Pain

We’ve got good news!!!!!!!

Are you hurting from arthritis or muscle pain? (Who isn’t?) Let me tell you a little story.

Some of you may not know that Yolanda practised as a dentist in Colombia for 25 years -before she moved to Canada. In Colombia, just like in Canada, medical/dental professionals are educated in the pharmaceutical way of dealing with pain. Taking acetaminophen and ibuprophen are what we’ve all been led to believe are our best alternatives BUT……….

A few weeks ago Yolanda started taking our Willow Blend tea because the pain in her legs and knees had become so bad she was limited in what shoes she could wear and how far she could walk- she was hurting all the time. Well, she was WOWED and AMAZED and wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t happened to her. She is moving pain free and has just come back from a trip to Israel where she was able to walk around and enjoy her holiday with her husband. Yeah! How nice to have an alternative to drugs that actually works!

Remember, Willow Blend tea – which you drink three times a day before meals – doesn’t work immediately. Like all natural ‘medicines’ it takes a while – so – if you start on it, give it a week or so before you see the results. Then, if you’re doubting that it’s helping, stop – you’ll be back on it immediately!

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